Our Core Model

Our Core Model is as simple as it is effective.

An early learning specialist, who lives or has worked in the neighborhood and shares a language and cultural background with the family, arrives at their front door bearing books and educational toys. They are welcomed inside where they sit with the child and parent and engage in a fun and engaging educational experience. Our specialists model engaging and educational activities for parents and children together, and then support parents as they take on the role of their children’s first teachers. The visits are a half-hour, twice-a- week over two program cycles.

Over the course of the program, families share a love of learning and experience success that will last a lifetime and will change their lives.

Here's how our
Core Model works.

We Visit Families Where They Live

Our in-home approach makes it convenient for underserved families isolated by poverty, language and literacy barriers, and lack of transportation to participate in high quality early childhood education.

Over the course of two cycles, families receive 92 home visits and acquire a library of:

  • 46 high quality books and educational toys
  • 46 curricular guide sheets with tips on vocabulary-building, engaging conversation, skill development, social-emotional development, imaginative play, and literacy, music, and art activities.

We Hire Local

Each family is matched with a community-based early learning specialist who shares their culture and language and visits with them twice a week. Our early learning specialists know the neighborhoods they are working in, the challenges that may come with living there, and the resources the families can access.

The early learning specialist models reading, conversation, and play activities to stimulate parent-child interaction and promote the development of verbal, cognitive, and social-emotional skills critical for children’s long-term success.

We help children become better students, and parents become their first teachers.

ParentChild+ empowers parents to put their children on the path to school and life success, to dream for their children’s futures, and to take pride in their educational accomplishments because they help make them happen.

We use a non-didactic approach. We model interactions for parents that enhance their children’s development. Our early learning specialists build meaningful relationships with families and support parents in realizing their role as their children’s first and most important teachers.

We help families become self-sustaining

Through the close bond they develop with their families, our early learning specialists and the ParentChild+ team become trusted advisors. By building this strong trust relationship, our early learning specialists are able to connect families to a wide-range of community resources and programming including food, housing, health care, and educational services.

As families graduate from ParentChild+, our staff works to ensure that the program children are enrolled in high-quality preschool programs, the critical next educational step.

25% of our early learning specialists are former program parents.

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