2021 Virtual Conference

May 18 - May 20

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Conference Themes

Virtual Visiting: What Have We Learned and What’s Next?
The COVID pandemic has had significant psychological and social effects, shifting the way we approach how we work with families and support staff. How has your organization pivoted to provide broader services during the pandemic? What have you done during your virtual visits to be more responsive to the families’ needs? What are the benefits of virtual visiting? We encourage sessions on what practitioners are doing to enhance the ParentChild+ model and, especially as we think about moving towards being able to do in-home visiting again, what are takeaways from the virtual world than can or should remain with us as we move forward?

Conversations On Race Equity
The events of the past year have emphasized and exacerbated the overwhelming challenges affecting Black and Brown communities: a worldwide pandemic that is impacting these communities in disproportionate ways; police and racially motivated violence; and public policies that have caused great harm in communities of color and to immigrant communities. We are interested in the work that your program or your agency is doing  to support staff and families of color and to enhance programmatic work with communities of color – through training, staff and family supports, hiring , curriculum, and/or community partnerships.
Developmental Parenting: Putting Families in Charge of Child Development
Developmental parenting is when parents are warm, responsive, encouraging, and communicative with their children. What are the processes and practices that Early Learning Specialists engage in to support these behaviors in parents? This theme explores home visiting practices – like engaging and collaborating with families, encouraging parent-child interaction through play, exploring child development, and focusing on family strengths – that lay the foundation for children’s school readiness, social competence, and mental health.


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