If we’re ever going to end inequity, we need to start at the beginning.

Meet some of the children and parents who have participated in ParentChild+


Children from low-income families hear
30 million fewer words by age 3 than their more affluent peers.

Too many children fall behind before they even set foot in a classroom and they struggle to catch up.

We intervene. We interject. We object to the secondary life path that these children are on. We see a different path. We help families find the path, set off upon it and succeed together.

What's our Purpose?

Our Models

As simple as they are effective.

Core Model

An early learning specialist, who most likely lives in the neighborhood, arrives at a toddler's home with books and educational toys. They are welcomed inside where they sit with the child and parent and engage in a joyous educational encounter together. The parent and child begin to share a love of learning that will last a lifetime and change their lives.

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Family Child Care Model

Our innovative Family Child Care Model builds on the success of our Core Model to reach even more children. Our early learning specialists work with home-based child care providers. Our program works because it takes place in the child care provider’s home, during their work day.

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Proven Outcomes

84% of ParentChild+ participants graduate from high school.

At the same rate as their middle class peers

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50% less likely to need special education services by third grade.

Compared to their peers who did not receive the program.

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$600,000 to
$1 million dollars

By putting children on a pathway to success, ParentChild+ helps increase lifetime earnings potential by $600,000 to $1 million dollars

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ParentChild+ increases scores on cognitive assessments by an average of 17 points

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ParentChild+ graduates are 50% less likely to need special education services by third grade.

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ParentChild+ graduates have 30% higher graduation rates than their peers.

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ParentChild+ graduates perform 10 months above their chronological age.

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Success Stories

“ParentChild+ helped set our priorities. My mother and I were always on the same page about education and its importance.”


“This Program helped motivate my daughter and me to spend time reading and learning together. I saw that my daughter was learning, but also enjoying herself, which is a great feeling for a parent.”


“ParentChild+ gave me experience and confidence. I loved to work for this Program because it opened a lot of doors for me.”

—Yrbania Rosa

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