Our Family Child
Care Model

The Challenge

Family child care, or home-based care, provided in the community is often the most available, convenient, and cost effective child care option. Family child care is frequently relied upon by low-income families, yet providers often lack the resources, skills, and expertise to support early childhood development and school readiness.

Family child care providers work very long hours for little pay and often have limited access to quality training and professional development opportunities that are affordable, convenient, and relevant to their daily work environment.

High-quality care from a well-trained and supported family care provider can help level the playing field for low-income children who might otherwise enter school unprepared to succeed, and can ensure that all children have equal possibilities from the start.

Nationally, over seven million children are cared for in formal
and informal home-based child care programs

Our Solution

ParentChild+ is bringing high quality resources and critical family engagement to family child care.

The ParentChild+ Family Child Care Model increases the knowledge and skills of family child care providers. Building on our extensive experience building language, literacy, and learning rich home environments, our early learning specialists work one-on-one with providers to support school readiness and family engagement for all the children in their care.

We designed this program with the flexibility to address the wide variety of family child care environments. We work with both licensed providers in family and group-family settings and with family, friend, and neighbor providers, focusing on low-income providers, working in low-income communities, and enabling parents to work long hours knowing their children are well cared for.

Our Results

Since 2009, the ParentChild+ FCC model has been implemented in communities in New York, Massachusetts, Washington, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

By partnering with providers, our FCC work has successfully improved provider-child interaction, enriched care environments, and connected the families of the children in care with information and materials to support the development of school readiness and early literacy skills at home.

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Success Stories

Do our models really work? The proof is in the stories told by our students, parents, and teachers. Read some of our favorite success stories below to see tangible evidence of our proven programs.